• CCPrep has 10 private rooms to provide your student a safe environment for social learning. CCPrep’s tutors can help your student during this challenging time.

    Distance Learning Solutions
  • Looking for the best prep for the SAT and ACT exams? Look to CCPrep!
    Our classes are taught in small groups of 10 students for social distancing. Our instructors have combined almost 30 years experience with the SAT/ACT.

    SAT/ACT Courses

ACTs. APs. College Essays. Practice Tests. SATs. Subject Tests. Tutoring. All in One Place.

CCPrep is Orange County’s comprehensive destination for all the support services students could need for their high school classes, SAT/ACT tests, and college essays/applications.

Our mission is to help each student achieve his or her own academic potential by providing quality support services for every step on the road to college. In this pursuit, CCPrep values not only knowledgeable staff and comprehensive programs, but also a fun and relaxed atmosphere that aims to take the stress out of the college preparation process.